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Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Advocateearth.com has stated a clear refund and cancellation policy to help the members be aware of the conditions where they are eligible for getting a refund or get their membership cancelled. The policy includes:

1. A refund cannot be done for the order that has reached the ‘Processing’ stage.

2. Refund won’t be processed for cancelling the order that has already been executed.

3. Refund won’t be processed if the user gives incorrect details. 

4. No refund is processed for returning a damaged product to the company.

5. Refund is processed for the delay in subscription service activation.

6. A refund is processed if you receive a damaged product.

7. Refund will not be processed upon remorse return. For instance: (if you do not like the product after you receive it or you don’t want to keep it without any valid reason)

8. The transaction charges will be deducted from the processed refund. 

9. If the product is out of stock or not available at the moment after you placed the order, AdvocateEarth.com holds the right to cancel the order. The refund will be initiated as a whole without any deduction for such cancellations. Some of the reasons where such a situation might arise are inaccuracy of the platform, pricing error, out of stock, and others. 

Make sure you go through the refund and cancellation policy properly to understand your eligibility for seeking a refund upon your subscription or order. By continuing to use the website, you are giving your consent to the above-stated policies. In case you do not agree with any of the refund policies stated above, you can quit using our services.