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Advocateearth.com  is destined to protect the user data on high priority. The users such as customers and Advocate Earth can provide the asked data over the website without hesitation. Whether you are registered or not, the website will still protect your data. Make sure you read this privacy policy carefully to get an idea of how we will be using your data. In case you do not give consent to our policies, you can prefer not to use our website. 

Data Collection

Under our Privacy Policy, we want to state that it can be changed over time based upon the updates of the website. It deals with the collected information from the users, such as contact details, birth details, personal identification, and forecast details. If you continue to access the website, you are giving consent to Advocate Earth.com for using your information as per the company SOP. Further, you are also giving consent about understanding the privacy policy. 

It would be better if you take a glance at the Terms and Conditions of Advocate Earth.com along with the privacy policy to understand our way of dealing with the consumer and Advocate Earth data.

Privacy Commitment

We are putting up our privacy commitment to give you assurance about your data protection. Our services require personal information to make necessary forecasts or predictions. The website does not make any direct or indirect use of the information unless the consent comes from the customers directly. 

The prediction for a member or visitor over the website will be made only when the respective person gives his/her personal information with consent. By agreeing to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, you agree that the information used by us for making your predictions is being offered by you. 

Information Collected by Website

Advocateearth.com collects these data of visitors upon registration over the website:

1. Account creation and necessary registration data                           

2. Paid service booking details that include payment information that is confidentially stored through a third-party gateway. 

3. Log files

4. IP Address

5. Cookies

6. Miscellaneous activities are also recorded that are mandatorily requested from the customers for conducting the services. 

The user is advised to read the Privacy Policy thoroughly to understand the usage of stored data properly over the website. In case you do not agree with the policies, you can stop using the website. 

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Advocate Earth.com will elaborate on the usage parameters of the website. Make sure you go through the policy carefully to give us a chance to provide uninterrupted service. 

The website holds the right to modify these policies or conditions over time based upon the necessity of the company. advocateearth.com is not liable to send any notifications for the same. You need to check the Terms and Conditions page often to mark the necessary changes. In case you do not agree to this term or any of the conditions within the policy, you can stop using the website.   

Consent of the User

By continuing to use this website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated by the company. You state your careful understanding of our procedures and services. In case you do not agree to any of the terms or conditions, do not click on “I AGREE.” Without agreeing, you cannot proceed with using our website and the services. 

We take care of your privacy on priority. You can check on the Privacy Policy page to know the data usage aspects of advocateearth.com.


The rules of the Bar Council of India prohibit law firms from advertising and soliciting work through communication in the public domain. The Website/App is meant solely for the purpose of information and not for the purpose of advertising. The user acknowledges the following:-

The information about our online legal services is provided to the user only on his/her request and any information obtained or material downloaded from this website is completely at the user's volition and any transmission, receipt or use of this site would not create any lawyer-client relationship.

The material on our Website/App has been prepared and published for general information only. There is neither any effort nor any intention to solicit new clients or new engagement from existing clients by way of this web site.

Advocate Earth has committed to comply with all the laws applicable and under no circumstances will Advocate Earth undertake any engagement that violates any law or conflicts with any ethical, statutory or other requirements applicable for performance of professional legal services.

Even though Advocate Earth makes all efforts to ensure that this Website/App is free of viruses but does not guarantee the same. Advocate Earth disclaims any liability or responsibility it may hold if the site is not free of viruses.

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